"fit" button in print page doesn't work

Hello, I have a problem with the "fit" button in the print page.
If the pdf I want to print is bigger than A4 (210x297 mm) or is a borderless A4 (so, any pdf file that need to be resized to be 'fitted' in an A4 page) is printed with about 1 cm out of the page.
Sorry, for my english. I hope you can understand me.
For example. I have an A3 pdf file, I print with 'Fit' button selected but the printed page will be cutted of about 1 cm in every side (the preview is perfect, only the printed page is bad).

I have this issue on 3 different Pc's with 3 different printers so I think is in some way related to my language (italian) or size (european A4).
Of course no problem with any other pdf viewer like Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader with all the same files.

Any clues ?
I have the latest PDF Archiect 6 Pro version, italian.

Hi @SataraX

This is what I get when I print an A3 file to A4 (I didn't create a margin, therefore the two Os on the sides are cut off by our laser printer):


Make sure the "Usa Dimensioni Attuali del PDF per il Formato Carta"/"Use Actual PDF Dimensions for Paper Size" box is unchecked.

Kindly contact the PDF Architect Support Team for further assistance: https://support.pdfarchitect.org/customer/portal/emails/new

Are you kidding me ? :slight_smile:
That is the problem !
Ok, I suppose my english is poor and I have not explained well my problem. I retry.
When I print any document larger than A4 it cut off a small amount (about 1 cm - half inch) exactly as in your screenshot. I DON'T WANT THAT, because is not acceptable at all.
So, I repeat, I don't want that the two Os will be cutted.
I repeat, I don't want ANY part of the page will be cut in the printing.
I don't know what do you mean with ""I didn't create a margin" because every time I print a big page with Adobe or Foxit I simply click on "fit to page" and it works (since 1999).
So, again, What I have to do to fit ALL the text/images in an A4 WITHOUT cut off any part ?


most printers have a limited printing area. which is why characters at the very edge might get cut off.
This is also the reason why the preview is good, it doesn't know your printer isn't able to print on the very end.
Perhaps the other viewers somehow detect the minimum margin required by the hardware printer and automatically add this to the page + scale the content accordingly.
This forum is run and moderated by PDFCreator Support, so I am afraid we won't be able to actually solve the issue here, we can only give very general advice for PDF Architect issues.

Best regards


.. :sweat_smile:

A quick fix would be to set a default margin for all documents that fits the area your printer is capable to print to. Simply measure the cut off and create a custom margin (In Edit -> Margin -> Page Margin Setup) and set it as default for all your documents:

And of course, send an email to the PDF Architect Support team and tell them about this inconvenience. They might have another idea. :slight_smile: