Folder was deleted while trying to save to it

I was printing a file to pdf, when the save option came up - I clicked
on the folder I wanted it to save too, and it instantly deleted that
folder off my desktop and all the files in it. The folder and files are
not in the trash. What in the world did this program do to MY STUFF, it
had no business DELETING?

I need my folder and all it’s files back!

Found the folder inside of a different folder - no clue how it did this - very frustrating, but so thankful I have my info back!


it sounds really strange, nothing like this has ever happened with any of our applications.
Were you using  PDFCreator, HotFolder or PDF Architect?
The only possible reason for files being moved would be if there is a HotFolder configured, but this isn’t the case by default, only if it is configured manually.

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