Forms - Fill text field on PageOpen

I can not find how to insert JavaScript uppon document of PageOpen action.

I would like to have a TextField which would display a simple date string when document is opened.


I don’t think there is any option for this in PDF Architect, but maybe you could use a dynamic stamp instead, depending on how it is supposed to get used later on.

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I reviewed the use of Dynamic Stamp, but it’s not what I’m looking for – a simple date which is trigered every time document is opened.

Will maybe the future releases include JavaScript actions over Document?

From Acrobat:

  • Doc/DidPrint
  • Doc/DidSave
  • Doc/Open
  • Doc/WillClose
  • Doc/WillPrint
  • Doc/WillSave

Hi Peter,

I will put up a feature request for this, but only the developers will be able to decide if and when this might get implemented. Generally I think it is a good idea, other users have also asked for this (directly or inderectly).

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