FTP Upload Error

Hi. I have configured the default profile to send the PDF file to an FTP server. Everything works fine as long as the destination folder does not exist (PDFCreator creates it automatically). However, if the destination folder already exists, an error "Failure in the folder on the server (18105)" is generated. The FTP server log reports this: "550 Create directory operation failed". I realize that PDFCreator always tries to create the folder, so it already exists. You should create it only if it does not exist. I appreciate your help.


it should depend on the settings of your FTP server; I wasn't able to reproduce the issue here.
I was able to create multiple files inside the same folder on the FTP without any issues.

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Has this issue been fixed? I am seeing this problem in ver 4.0.3. Checked permissions, reviewed logs, PDF Creator FTP upload fails with a "550: Create directory operation failed" when the directory already exists. This error stops the upload process. Instead of checking if the directory exists and then proceeding to upload the file into that specified directory (if it does exist), it tries to create this directory regardless which won't work because of a naming conflict. Is this a known issue?

Hi. We have the same issue on our side.
What I found out is that the error only occurred when the target folder was empty.