Generated pdf-files are very large

I use version 1.2.3.

Creating a pdf-file out of three doc-files and one pdf-file the filesize of the generated file is about 13 MB. OS is WinXP Pro SP 3, AdobeReader X.

On an other system I use version 1.0.2 of pdf-creator and an older version of AdobeReader, OS is XP Pro, too. The filesize of the generated pdf is only about 6 MB, using the same four files as source. Settings in pdf-creator are all the same. 

When I install the older version (1.0.2) of pdf-creator on my first system with AdobeReader X instead of version 1.2.3, the filesize of the generated file is still about 13 MB.

Has anybody an idea, what the problem could be?? Maybe any differences between the printing out of AcobatReader X an the older version?


...sorry for my bad english ;-)