Generating interop.PDFCreator.dll

We have a .NET application which was built by Visual Studio 2010 which seems to require the file interop.PDFCreator.dll The process by which that file was generated from version 1.0.2 is long lost.

There is also a file interop.VBA.6.0.dll used. Does this have anything to do with the version of PDFCreator?

We would like to now use the current version 1.2.3 which appears to need a new interop.PDFCreator.dll, It seems this is generated using a TLBIMP.EXE utility but one needs to know what file is used as input. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Just for the record, this has been solved. It seems that when using Visual Studio 2010 in the project "common properties->references" one adds a new reference using the "COM" tab finding the PDFCreator component name in the list.

It will then generate the file interop.PDFCreator.7.1.dll in the project release directory. This file is the one which must be in the same directory as the .exe application on the final target. Still, it seems that the version of PDF creator installed on the target must be the same as the one used to build the project (as in installed on the build system).

It would have been much nicer if this whole COM structure made it easy to be backward compatable so a new version of PDFCreator would work with old programs.

Note this was a C++ project but it is likely that any project type using the COM structure will follow the same rules.