GUI-Bug in Document Properties 2 » Use custom paper size


In a new profile I defined a custom paper size here:

Document » Document Properties 2 » Use custom paper size

I save the profile and reopen it, navigate to Document » Document Properties 2 and it looks like:

x Use fixed paper size
   x Use custom paper size
     Width   Height
     342       243

» The settings are greyed out, which is confusing. Are the settings used - and if yes, why are they disabled?

» It is particularly confusing, because PDFCreator uses the Size "a4", and not the custom paper size.

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thank you for the bug report. We think that we have found the cause. It is a bit technical, but it seems to be a bug (or odd behaviour) in VB6 oder a library we are using there.

We are doing some more tests as other items are affected as well.

In the meatime you can reactivate the boxes be de- and reactivating "Use fixed paper size"

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Hi Philip

Thank a lot for your answer - and the workaround for reactivating the boxes!

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This problem is fixed in the upcoming new version 1.3.0.:-)