Has Version 4.4.1 Trojan?

I have recently the version of PDFCreator free edition-4.4.1 on totalvirus scanned. There is a detection of Trojan with Rising. Can it be true? Is this version really a threat for our computers? Please help me. Thank you .
The Warning: Trojan.Generic/MSIL@AI.100 (RDM.MSIL:/oKIlFV95RhFtMV2F2hs4w)

Hi @babayigit2088,

I was under the impression, that Rising was no longer in business, but I was partly wrong:

Anyway, our installer does not contain a trojan. We can assure you that the installations files on our download server are checked, and our software is safe to use. This FAQ article gives you more details about our security measures we have in place.

Most likely Rising is 'flagging' our advertisement or PDF Architect Free offer (both optional).

A) After completing the installation of PDFCreator Free, our setup will show users an advertisement from one of our partners. You don’t have to install the advertised software in order to use PDFCreator. Simply click "Decline" in the advertisement window.

Please understand that the advertisement in PDFCreator Free is needed to cover development costs. If you prefer a setup without any advertisement, please take a look at PDFCreator Professional.

B) During installation of PDFCreator (Free, Professional, Terminal Server) our setup will offer to install PDF Architect Free at the same time. PDF Architect is a free PDF viewer with some additional features and in our opinion a great addition. It comes with the option to be upgraded to a full PDF editor.

The installation of PDF Architect Free can be deselected by simply unchecking it under advanced settings within the setup screen.

C) Hopefully this explains both advertisement and PDF Architect Free to you. You might need to create an exemption within your antivirus tool for downloading, installing, or using PDFCreator.

If you still have any concerns, why not contact the Rising Support team. Feel free to put us on copy or refer them to us for any technical questions they might have.

Kind regards