Having issues printing mixed paper sizes and orientation


We've set up a pdf conversion server using pdf creator.  This is an issue I think is related to the files being uploaded to the server for conversion.  We are mainly converting MS Office files, ie. Word and Excel.  For some reason, files with mixed paper sizes and orientation are not printing to the correct paper size.  I was wondering if anyone has come across a similar issue.  I'm narrowing the issue down to the formatting in the files.  But I just can't figure out why?  Any help will be greatly appreciated!


mixed orientation is problematic as PDFCreator uses a Ghostscript method to determine the orientation, which isn’t always able to get the orientation correct. Is the paper size problem mainly related to A4/letter?



Hi Robin,

Thanks for responding.  The issue is with Letter and 11x17 paper sizes.  Within a document, there may be a few 11x17 pages in between letter pages.  The first 11x17 page will convert correctly to the proper size but the subsequent pages will convert to letter.  We did a test by just randomly creating dummy 11x17 pages (with very few texts) and that seems to convert just fine.  So this has lead us to believe there may be something within the pages that is causing PDF Creator to not recognize


a possible solution to this could be using PDF Architects free create module, it seems to handle mixed orientation and papersizes much better.

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