Help file missing after custom install

I created a deployment package for PDFCreator (both 0.9.8 & 0.9.9) and for some reason the file "PDFCreator_english.chm" is missing from all of my installations.  Only one user has said anything to me, but I would like to be able to point them to the help file if they have questions.  Here is the command line I am using to install:

PDFCreator-0_9_9_setup.exe" /VERYSILENT /SP- /NORESTART /components=\\"!toolbar\\" /tasks=\\"!desktop_icon\\"

Other than the missing help file, everything seems to be working fine.  Any ideas?  Thank you in advance.

Answered the question for myself.  I saw where some folks were pointing to INF files for their silent install and the options they were using.  I would think that the helpfiles would be a default component, but apparently they are not.  This is the syntax that I am using now:

PDFCreator-0_9_9_setup.exe" /VERYSILENT /SP- /NORESTART /components="!toolbar,helpfiles\\english" /tasks="!desktop_icon"

Hope this helps someone else.

Thank you. It worked a treat. I just used it for version 1.0.1.