Help needed for Service on a server



I've a 2008 R2 Server that we use for PDFcreator. I've created a Service that runs pdfcreator.exe... it was installed using the Advanced options as a Server installation.  The user it runs at is a Domain Admin user.

We drop the created PDFs into a network share, and the Domain Admin has read/write permission to that share.

But this setup doesn't seem to work.


The jobs don't run until I login to the server.  I can then see the print jobs in the monitor, and they quickly process as expected.  Without the monitor running, they don't process at all.

I normally leave the monitor running. But last week i was away and the server got rebooted, since then the jobs haven't run.


This isn't a good solution for a server setup.

Have I missed something ?

- I've setup the service to run an instance of PDFCreator.exe

- The user it runs as is a Domain Admin



have you read this : ?

If you have, or it doesn´t help, please feel free to bump this post.








Yes I have, and I've now had some success in making it work.

However I think I've detected two things:


1 - I think that you have to run the service delayed.  My suspicion is that it needs the print spooler running first.  Though I've not proven this out, because today I think I found....


2) - Need to turn off notification for updates...  Tonight I rebooted the server, and the service started, but, nothing would print. So I stopped the service, logged in, manually started it and noticed it was prompting me for an upgrade.  I've now set that to off, rebooted again, and this time it looks ok.

Hi Adrian,


some things i have noticed are,

on windows server 2008 and above


the account running the service needs access to the folder where srvany.exe is, i recommend puting in in the install directory of pdfcreator

the service account needs permissions on the following folders




the service account needs to be have the modify permisson for the above folders


any questions please let me know


 Hi  jeremyd,

I've just posted a seperate question as I'd gotten this working for a Domain Admin account, but my normal account (a member of Print Operators) still can't create the PDFs.

Making the account part of Print Operators has let me use RunAs to start the gui as that user. I can see the spooler/driver puts the files in the %TEMP%\\PDFCreator\\spool folder, but they're never picked up by pdfcreator.exe running as my user, "pdfcreator".  pdfcreator user has modify perms for all the folders.