Hidden option: how to activate them

I would like to save documents without the extension appended by their generating program. Specifically, Crystal Reports appends ".rpt" to each pdf. The "Hidden Option" section of the support section lists such an option with a "1" or "0" setting. The default is "1" which includes the extensions. I want to set it to "0".

I do not see where I would make this entry.

Is this available only when calling pdfcreator programmatically as a passed argument? I hope that I can make the change affect the normal behavior of pdfcreator when documents are sent to it as a virtual printer.

Thanks for any help.

Eli Becker
version 1.5.0
Cleveland, OH


the hidden options can be set directly in the registry, but the default (1) should exclude extensions. As this somehow doesn´t seem to work in your case, the best workarround would be to use filename substitution which can be set in option/save. Put in .rpt to be substituted with blank.