Hot Folder ignores Windows file associations

Hi! I have installed PDF Creator Professional to use Hot Folder functionality to convert .odt files into .pdf in a batch. It's Windows 10 + Office365 workstation, however there's a fundamental problem with that. When opening .odt files with MS Word, there is a constant warning that Word found unreadable content and do you want to recover what's possible. As far as I understand, this is standard functionality for Word when opening .odt files.

File opens and is fully readable if pressed "Yes" in Word dialog box, but this warning clearly messes up a seamless flow for Hot folder functionality. For that, I have installed OpenOffice 4 Writer which opens .odt files with no issues or messages. I have also configured file association in Windows, so .odt file opens with OO Writer by default.

The problem - for some reason Hot Folder functionality ignores that association and still launches Word to convert .odt files (and I run into issues noted above). What makes Hot folder turn to Word while default for .odt is set as OO Writer? I need to keep Office package in the PC too, so I can't ditch Word entirely either. How can I make Hot Folder turn to OO Writer here?