Hotfolder stop working

Hello team,
I'm using Hot folder to convert PDFS but sometimes it stop working.
I need to login with my user and then it start to work, but for some reason it stop to work, can you please help me to understand why?
Also, is it possible to restart hotfolder automactatly?
Thank you

Hi there,

from what I remember, HotFolder needs and active user session to convert files.
It only stops converting files when you're not logged in, right?

You could try to create a HotFolder log and see if you're able to locate an error: How to create a HotFolder log? - PDFCreator Knowledge Base

If you can't locate an error in the log, please contact the support team via the priority support button in your PDFCreator software. :slight_smile:

Hi Florian,
Thank you for your input :slight_smile:

I will check that