How can I uninstall Pdf Architect 5


During the installation of pdf creator, pdf Architect V5 has been installed.
I don’t want it.
But I am completely struggling to find the way of uninstalling pdf architect.
there are a lot of literacy about Architect v4 on the web, but nothing on pdf 5.

Can you help me?




in most cases you can uninstall it through the Windows control panel. If there is no entry for PDF Archtiect 5 in the list of installed applications, please run the installer:
It will detect the installed version and offer an option to remove it.

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I just downloaded the PDFArchitect installer and ran it. It updated the installer itself for a few mins then started installing the software. It didn’t give me any option to uninstall it

Just tried in a different way and succeeded.

  1. Search for the original installer in C:\ProgramData\PDF Architect 5\Installation.

  2. Run the installer with Internet disconnected. If you do it with the Internet on, you may end up with the same issue I ran into earlier.

The name of the installer is PDF_Architect_5_Installer.exe. there would be a few MSI installer as well in the folder, just ignore them

  1. The installer should show a screen with an “uninstall” button at the bottom. Click that and you’re done.

I shouldn’t have bothered to install this shit in the first place. The Chrome “Save as PDF” option is quick and neat by far, but then you sometimes do need a print driver for various other file formats which Chrome cannot open. I will stick to Cute PDF.

Thanks. It did not offer the uninstall, but I tried options on command line. Adding /uninstall gave me different windows where I had choises of repair and uninstall.

Sysinternals autoruns shows now nothing matching architect. Good riddance of annoying popups!

Unfortunately the uninstall seemed to kill the shell on my Windows 10 and it did not restart. I will now restart and hope it did not break anything more severely...