How do I make one .pdf file from several .jpg files?

I need a PDF conversion program to print multiple graphic files on a duplex printer so downloaded this program. Both my husband, a computer programmer and I tried to figure out how to work in for about half an hour and gave up, and it wasn't until I joined this forum that I discovered a bit more help.

But your help files all speak of "a .grraphic file" or "a file", ie. singular, so I didn't go any further. My patience has just about run out and if PDFCreator won't do what I want, then there's no point in trying to go any further.

Is it posible to create one .pdf file containing all graphic pages, all in .jpg format with PDFCreator? If so, could they please point me to the applicable help file again and I only accidentally stumbled over it.

I will try - I also just started with this program so I may be corrected by other people...

Assuming you have all your .jpg files that you want to combine into 1 PDF in a folder (for sake of simplicity).
Open the folder with Windows Explorer and select the .jpg's that will be part of the PDF (using CTRL and mouseclick etc).

With the .jpg's selected right-mouse-click and select Print -
Then select the PDFCreator printer (has the name PDFCreator if you didn't change anything)
You should then get a screen where you specifiy the resolution (the lower the dpi - the smaller the size of the resulting PDF file)
A screen opens where you specify the name of the PDF and some other tags you can give to a PDF
Next specify where the PDF will be saved


That's it - you should now have the PDF ready.
The issue that I have is that I cannot get the different .jpg's in the right sequence in this way of working (if I number them correctly and then select them all... they come out in a different sequence)

If you would be successful - will you let me know how you managed this ?



You've had more luck than I've had. I can't even get the program to save a file with the .jpgs in it. There's no prompt at all to name one so even if it did save a .pdf of graphics, I wouldn't know what it was named or where to find it.