How Do I Uninstall PDF CREATOR 2.1.0 & PDF ARCHITECT 3 after canceling install

My Computer
Operating System: Windows 8.1
Hard Drive: 256GB SSD

All three listed below are the Free Version.
PDF Creator  2.1.0
PDF Creator  2.1.1
PDF  Architect 3.0

to install PDF CREATOR.  Installer is slow and appeared to be hanging
up. Cancelled install and went to MS uninstall to remove programs PDF
CREATOR and PDF ARCHITECT.  A couple of  days later while I was looking at
my MS program folders I found that both programs or some of there files
and folders were still on my computer.  See list below.

C:\Program Files\PDF CREATOR
PDFCreator.exe    (double clicked and no response)     

C:\Program Data\PDF Architect 3
Above folder shown and appears to be empty (no files are shown).

goal is to remove these remnants of PDF CREATOR an PDF ARCHITECT 3 or
any other of their associated files or folders from my
computer.  How can I do this safely?  Do you have a removal Program? 
NOTE: neither PDF CREATOR or PDF ARCHITECT show up in Microsoft’s
Uninstall program.  Already installed license after an earlier successful install, and uninstalled a few days later.  Received notice of update 2.1.1 and got tired of the slow install and decided to cancel and uninstall both programs (trouble begins).

I still have the
setup programs below in my DOWNLOAD FOLDER.  Do I need to do a Forced
Install (saw on your support page) just to cleanly remove both of these
programs?  Why is the install program so slow?  If the programs had been cleanly installed would it still have left these files/folders on my computer?  My last concern is that if I just delete the folders that there still may be stuff left in the Windows Registry.





the most likely reason for the setup being slow is the PDF Archtiect gets downloaded and installed if you don’t deselect it from the list of components. Usually, if you cancel the setup, it performs a roll-back, but it looks like something went wrong in your case. PDF Architect probably got removed properly if there is only an empty folder in Programm Data, you can do a quick search for “PDF Architect” in the registry to be sure, if needed there is a removal tool for PDF Architect. To get a clean uninstall of PDFCreator, i recommend running the setup again (make sure to uncheck everything you don’t need from the list of components to speed it up) and uninstalling from the Windows control panel afterwards.

best regards,