How send emails?

How I can to send email with PDFCreator? What I need to have in my proyect, is VB6.



i encouter the same problems right now.

but there is something wrong after i just tryed  step by step.

i don't know what can i do.


do you intend to send the mails using the autosave option or by clicking on email in the print dialog?

Do you get any kind of error messages, or do you just click on email and nothing happens? What email program do you use?


Dear h_alvarez21,

the answer to your question is most likely to be found in the "email" section of the user manual, which is located at .

In order to send an email with PDFCreator, you need to have an email program installed (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird) which is configured to be used as the default program for handling email. This is usually done automatically during the installation of the email program, in which case you can ignore the next step.

If you already have an email program installed, but sending email with PDFCreator still does not work, make sure your email program is set as default.

On Windows 7, this is done as following:

- Go to your control panel by clicking on "Start->Control   Panel"

-Click on "Programs->Set your Default Programs"

-Choose you email program from the list and click "Set this program as default".

Last but not least make sure your email program is configured correctly.




Robin Werner



PDFcreator is very good. Thaks.

Can I send every print to some email? Automatically, On the fly...

@ AKalf

You can do this by writing a script and using it in "actions after saving" (PDFCreator Options-> Actions).