How to automize configuration of 2 printers (Windows 7 64bit)


My Environment (>7.000 devices):

- Windows 7 64Bit (EN+MUI)
- PDF Creator 1.2.3

My Problem:

PDF-Creator is already installed and we need to deploy settings to make a second PDF-Printer available, using auto-save to a predefined destination-folder. (i.e. d:\\WMS)

I was able to create a second printer (let´s call it WMS-Printer-Device) in PDF-Creator and to make these predefined settings, using a second profile. Finally I assigned that new profile (let´s call it WMS-Printer-Profile) to the "WMS-Printer-Device". This configuration works fine for me.

Now I need a possibility to export this configuration and deploy it to our PCs.

1. As far as I know, there is an export-function to export the second profile ("WMS-Printer-Profile") to an .ini-File. How can I import this file automatically (i.e. via script) ? Is there any other way to make this profile available? Where is the profile stuff stored?

2. How can I make the printer-device (WMS-Printer-Device) available, maybe by using a script? I used a MSI-Snapshot tool, to monitor the changes, that are done, when configuring that printer and found out, that there is a bunch of registry keys. Which one of the are required? Is there any other way to make this printer available?

Thanks in advance,



profiles are stored in the registry under HKCU\\Software\\PDFCreator\\Profiles.

you can migrate printer+profile by exporting/importing registry settings (PDFCreator needs to be installed to the same path on each PC) from HKCU\\Software\\PDFCreator. Make sure that you have an empty string for "LastSavedDirectory" to avoid possible problems.





Thanks for your reply Robin.

Using the "Current User" section is not the best option for me, because you need to set the printer for every user and not for a whole machine. Deploying it in the machine section, would have the advantage, that I could integrate it into our Windows 7 Image, so that every new PC will have this printer by default. Maybe using the "\\...\\Default User" Section is an option - I will give it a try - but in the end I´ll be able to manage my problem by deploying the printer via GPP (hopefully) :)



you can also use HKLM, but the users won´t be able to change any settings permanently in that case.