How to convert/print my own doc/docs to pdf using Com Script(python/word-vba) in background?

hi all:
I’m new user of PDFCreator,I use the version 2.5.2
I want to user Com Script to convert doc/docx to pdf ,python or WORD-VBA(use java lib jacob), I use my server working in background to do this. get a doc/docx path,and then convert it to pdf and save some path.
My problem is : first the python sample , I try the ,it can Printing a windows testpage to pdf,but how to print/convert my doc/docx to pdf?I read the doc but do not find the answer
second the WORD-VBA,the problem same as python,how to print/convert my doc/docx to pdf? and who can show me a sample use jacob to op the WORD-VBA?

and can print other office file? xls?ppt?
and I bought 1 year PDFCreator Plus, how can I get the support? mail address or ?

tks for your help