How to dissable new version popup message


I have encountered the following issue, while using the com object from version 0.9.8 and after the release of the newer version, the 0.9.9, i am getting a version checker popup that disrupts my project. Is there a chance to dissable this?


I am using the pdf creator com object into a windows service, and the version check is displayed after each restart. It is a big issue for me.


Thanks in advance

In the general settings (page 2), change the update interval to Never.

Else if you don't mind registry editing, change the setting "UpdateInterval" to 0 (means Never) in the PDFCreator\\Program entry in the local machine hive part of the registry.

(On a 64bit 2008 R2 box it's located - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Wow6432Node\\PDFCreator\\Program )