How to find my installed PDF Architect version?

When I subscribed to PDF Architect Pro w OCR, I thought it was version 7. But when I look at my list of my products in my account, it doesn't say what is the version. Also, when I subscribed, as I recall, it said that upgrades were included.

My issue is that today I received an email offer to upgrade to version 7. So, I go to look to see what's going on, and I can't find anywhere that my installed product says it's version, so I can check.

Bottom line question: How do I get my included upgrade? And, how to I check to see if I already have it?

You can find the exact version number in the application.
Click on HELP -> About and you'll see the following window:

OK. Good. Now, when upgrades/updates come out, how is that handled? Automatically? Is user interaction required?

Updates should be installed automatically if you didn't uncheck the option in the setup.
(Sorry for being a little vague but I can speak from my experience only, and I didn't have to do updates manually.)