How to keep MS file properties while creating PDF

Hi, I'm updating a large collection of Microsoft Office 2007 documents (mostly Word and Excel format) filling file property fields, as author, subject, title, keywords, status, category, comments, etc.

Doing this will help me with indexing and searching files, but I'm in need to publish to my collegues intranet all that files in PDF format, and during the "PDFcreator" process I loss every existing field value,

Is there any way to save that field values from MS Office format into the PDF file created with this great tool? 

I tried to search by google a solution, but it seems a not achievable result. Can someone help me to save this waste of info and time to re-enter each info on the final PDF?

Thank you in advance.


This is possible with a script. At first you have to read the BuiltInDocumentProperties of a word document using the Word-ActiveX-Object, then print it via PDFCreator, after it change the metadata using the function SetMetadata from pdfforge.dll (coming with PDFCreator).