How to merge 1000+ files into 1 PDF?

In our company we are printing financial documents
from Navision AX directly to PDF Creator. This can go up to 1000+ documents
(each 1 page). In PDF Creator we merge all documents to one PDF. This PDF
is then sent to our printstreet and printed on paper in one job. The reason for
this is, that we do not want our printstreet to receive 1000+ separate
jobs, messing up the queues. After printing from Navision AX to PDF Creator all separate jobs are
visible in PDF Creator. We then choose Merge all (still OK) and Continue. After pressing
Continue nothing happens further, whereas the Progress in % should be shown. Previously this was not a problem, it
now occurs since the upgrade tot version 2.1.(Dutch version)
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Any idea how to merge that many documents to one
PDF? <o:p></o:p>

I don’t want to seem the killjoy but Coherent PDF and PDFtk have some command line executables that would seem perfect in task and simplicity.

1000+ files?  I don’t have that many to test.

This works for Coherent to combine an unknown number of pdf files (note the * in the input parameter to grab pg001.pdf, pg002.pdf, etc):
cpdf.exe pg*.pdf -o onefile.pdf

Hi Lewalt,

we have released PDFCreator 2.2.0 yesterday and this works with that many files. We are calling Ghostscript to read the PS files on the command line and that is restricted to about 32 thousand characters, which would leave 32 characters per print job filename (full path). In 2.2.0, there is virtually no limit, as we pass a file with the parameters to Ghostscript and that can be as big as your hard drive or memory, whatever comes first :wink:

I hope this helps.

kind regards,

Fantastic, it works! Great job, guys; we are excited. The one tool in the market that does this without further scripting or coding (which we are not very good at)

Not to spoil the party but it is funnily enough giving an errormessage on the screen, although the merged pdf file is actually created and usable. We ignore the message for now.