How-to reduce dimension of Pdf File


i tried to use search engine before open this post, but i cannot find anything related to my problem.

There is a method to reduce to a certain dimension or somewhat similar a file pdf with pdfarchitect/pdfcreator?



do you mean the height/width or background/front?

Hi robin,

let me explain.

If i have a pdf with a dimension of 3MB and i want to reduce it to 1MB the best way is to reduce quality of pages, i think.

The only method i found is convert pdf to jpg and with reduce dimension of image and when save, reduce of 5/10% quality of file.

It’s simple until there are few pages, but with a document of 40-50pages it takes very much time…

So the origin of my post: can i reduce the size (from colour to b/w, reduce quality of  every single pages,etc…)?



try using the “Hohe Komprimierung” (high compression) profile while converting.
You can also manually change the compession settings in options->formats->pdf->compression.