How to restore that double-click on a .ps file process it with PDF creator?

Once upon a time, if the "associate files with the .ps extension to PDFCreator" option (or something on that tune) was selected on install, double-clik on a .ps file lauched PDFCreator and started processing (conversion to PDF).

For the last few versions, double-clik launches PDFCreator, then nothing happens. In order to initiate processing of the file, one drags it to PDFCreator's window.

What's the simplest mean to restore the former behavior?

If that's a bug, how do I report it?


Update: the problem occurs on 2 out of 3 Windows XP SP3 machines that I tested (the newer one, wich has see PDF Creator 1.4, works; the others, wich have been upgraded many times, don't.

If I double-click on a .ps file, or otherwise (right-click) open it, PDF Creator opens but (on the broken machines) do NOT process it. OTOH, if I right-click on the file and "Create PDF Files..." (back translated from French), all goes nicely. Thus the problem is skin-deep, and likely a broken configuration / registry entry somwhere.

Ah, problem solved. I simply re-associated the .ps files to PDFCreator, et voila.