How to set automatic add to queue?


I’d like to set pdfcreator to auto-queue a file to print, instead of having the print page opening every time I click print button. I can’t find where I can do this.

Maybe a script or a command line batch…

Thanks guys !


do you mean adding the created file to the queue of a physical printer, or adding the print job to the PDFCreator queue without any window popping up? In the first case, please use the “print” action from the profile settings. For the second case, you probably need to use the COM interface:

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Hi, I'm having the same problem (at least "the second case"). I'm using COM interface and would like to add job to queue without any printing, and later convert it (a doc/docx file) to pdf. I'm currently using method PrintFile to be able to create a printjob (and add it to queue) as I haven't seen another way.

In the documentation I can also see a setting Printing.Enabled, but I can only figure out how to apply it to the printjob only after it's been created.

Does anyone please have any tips?