How to understand the reference to PDFCreator?

 Hi there,

I need to know how VB is dealing with the reference to PDFCreator. I added PDFCreator via "Project/Reference" and the Browse-Button. The path at my PC is "c:\\Program Files\\PDFCreator\\PDFCreator.exe". If I compile now the program and distribute it to another PC, does this PC have to have the PDFCreator.exe in the same path? How VB deals with that external references? What would be the best practice?

The reason I ask is, that this mentioned PC throw an error like "not able to initialise ActiveX component" (or similar, don't remember exactly)


Hope, you understand my question. I'm not a native english speaker.


regards and thanks 




the PDFCreator .exe doesn´t need to be in the same path, it only needs to be registered on the system and will then be found by guid.