How to uninstall everything?

I have installed PDF Creator five minutes ago.

Though I disabled the Yahoo toolbar to be installed (I hate such stuff) the installer did try to install some Dealio toolbar (as far as I understand from a quick research).

This made my virusscanner go nuts. From that moment on It is quaranining some Dealio file every second. And it made the installer lock up.

I have killed the installer, but still this Dealio thing is trying to mess with my system.

Tell me ASAP , how to get rid of this Adware virus that YOUR installer places on my system!

Hello, I am just a user.

So I'll translate what Mr. Heindörfer said:

  • It is not a virus or spyware.
  • You can call it adware.

A page states that there is a registry entry and a dll. But there is more: There are about 100 files included in the Toolbar-Installer.

What to do?
There should be an option to uninstall in the Software - list, if the Installation was complete.

If not, I recommend to perform a rollback or complete the installation (without AntiAdware-Tool) and then uninstall using the option in the "Installed Software"- list.


Did you really disable the toolbar (not where the big banner containing the toolbar is displayed) but in the next dialog, the "Feature-Selection Dialog" (where you can disable languages and help files).


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