How to uninstall?

How do I uninstall PDF CREATOR?? I don't want to reinstall, I all ready got rid of the tool bar or what ever that was. I do not see, PDF CREATOR in the uninstall of control panel.  I hope it won't take any of my printer drivers out along with it when I uninstall it. I only see pdf creator in windows explorer files. I have windows 7. I don't want Pdf creator. If I just go into windows explorer files in programs and delete the Pdf creator file will that do the trick?? All so, is it a good idea to go into the registry and search for any reference to pdf creator and delete them?? I am ok with the registery menu. Why do the people create a program that you can't easly uninstall??

I have found some programs that do this and I determined this scenario was due to an incomplete or corrupted installation.  It's not PDFCreator or a defect with the installer.  This sometimes happens with applications - I've experienced it myself even with several other commercial apps.  I'd suggest rebooting, repeat a successful installation, reboot, then you should be able to do a successful UNinstall from Add/Remove Programs.

Don't try to manually delete files and registry entries.  If you already have, don't panic, just follow the instructions above.

FYI: Assuming the app is to blame doesn't help anything.  If this was an inherent problem with PDFCreator, many other poeple would be experiencing the same problem.  My rule of thumb is: I assume I'm not the first to experience any problem, so if I don't see it widespread on the Internet, it's probably specific to my computer or environment, and then I have a better idea of how to tackle the problem.  (In my 20+ years in the industry, one time I was actually the first to identify a problem with a major commercial app, but they got right on it and it "only" took six months to fix it.  But in their defense, it was a newly released major re-write and I was using what was probably considered a minor feature, but it was important to my company.)