How to use Pdfforge Architect 3 to insert links

I have juist purchased Architect 3, and activated the Insert module along with others.  Unfortunately the on-line help does not even address the question of how to make insert links work.  It seems however that it does work, but I have not been able to find out which sequence of key-ins does the magic.  If I can once get the submenu asking what action I want the link to initiate, then resave the PDF file I seem to have not one, but every http link activated.  I am entirely happy with this, as it happens, but I am uneasy about using a feature that I have no consistent control over…  Can anyone guide me better?

I note that the resave bumps the PDF version from an input of version 1.4 to version 1.7. and thje 1.7 file is substyntially larger.  I presume that at least part of this results from incorporating the hyperlink tree.