Howto make a installer for PDFCreator 172 from source

I have made my own version of PDFCreator 172 from source.
Now i wanna make an installer for my version, so i can distribute it to collages in my company.

1. Is there a free installer i can use without having to pay to use it commercially?
2. I can use PDFCreator in my company for free, correct?
3. How do i setup the installer?


1. InnoSetup allows this as far as i know.
2. Yes
3. Please ask a more specific question once it arrises




Thank you for your answer.

3. Well…where is your source code for installing PDFCreator 172? Or is there any tutorial/FAQ on this?

I guess it must be a script or something that installs the PDF printer, wich i must add to the installer i will make with InnoSetup?


the code for the setup isn’t published and there is no tutorial/FAQ, but basically yes it is like installing any printer on windows.



but how do i make InnoSetup install a pdf printer then? i must do something with the registry or something? isnt there any documentation on this on the internet you can point me to? please.

This involves a few steps with the Win32 API as AddMonitor to add the pdfcmon and AddPrinter to install a PostScript printer.

This is the MSDN documentation for them:

This is no walkthrough, but there are some examples you can find with Google. I hope that helps to get you started in the right direction.

Thanks, i will check that out, but what is the reason for not giving out the installer source?

Since that is essential to make a fork for the project for example, and to understand how PDFCreator works.