I always have to switch to professional mode


Upon startup, PDF Architect is always in Free mode. I always have to switch to Professional mode using the "Switch product" button. How could I start in professional mode directly ?


Hi @Samoreen,

Thanks for reporting the issue.

Is there a way to reliably reproduce this behavior?
For example: After restarting the PC or using your license on another PC?


Actually, it seems that the PDF Architect Pro validation doesn't "stick".

I switched to Pro yesterday and launched it multiple times since then and it opened in Pro mode each time. However, I'm using it once in a while and obviously, this is what is causing the problem. After a given period without launching PDF Architect, the Pro mode is disabled.

I've had PDF Architect Pro V5 since 2017 and now all of a sudden I don't have the Pro version anymore either. I've tried putting in my validation number again but it remains the free version. I would like to know if the Pro is disabled also.