I can create a plt file by and rename to a pdf file but cannot view the file

I am using windows7 on a new machine and have tried several different pdf creators and I get the same error when trying to view my pdf files.

I can create a plt file and rename using "bulkrename" to make it a pdf file, when I try to view the pdf file with Adobe or Brava it won't let me and gives me an error.

Is there a setting in windows7 that is not allowing me to view this file or maybe something that is not allowing the file to be created correctly.

Please help.

Renaming a file will have no effect on the internal structure of a file. If the internal structure of your plt file is not the same as the internal structure of a pdf file, no pdf reader will understand it. I don't know what created your plt file, but it certainly does not have the structure of a pdf file. You need to go back to the software that created the plt file and see if it supports output to a Windows printer. If it does, install PDFcreator on the same computer (I am assuming that the computer in question is using Windows as the operating system) and print your output using PDFCreator as the printer.