I can't print ANY documents - please help


I have installed and declared PDFCreator as default printer but I can't print anything: looking at the lower part of the Word document I intend to print I can see for a couple of seconds animations suggesting that a print is in progress. But after that I can't find any new .pdf file and there is no document opened by the defaulf .pdf viewer opened automatically as it should according to printing method nr. 1 (http://www.pdfforge.org/content/create-pdf#comment-form).

Please help.

Thank you in advance

...To make the things even stranger I have to add that after a computer restat other users CAN print to pdf in the normal way but I still CAN'T regardles of the sourcem Word document, web page etc...we are all Administrators on this computer. Test page prints normally with all dialogues and features.

Running XP SP3

Please help.