I can't print my documents after disabling a bunch of Windows services

I have an old and low-performance laptop. It was working very slow and
using too much CPU. I decided to turn off (disable) unnecessary services
to give it a boost. And I did so; now my system works much faster. The
complete and exact list of disabled services are listed below.

Application Management
Base Filtering Engine
----IPsec Policy Agent
----IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying Modules
Bonjour Service
Cryptographic Services
Desktop Window Manager Session Manager
Diagnostic Policy Service
Distributed Link Tracking Client
Extensible Authentication Protocol
----WLAN AutoConfig
Function Discovery Provider Host
----HomeGroup Provider
Function Discovery Resource Publication
Human Interface Device Access
Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology
IP Helper
Network Connections
Network List Service
Network Location Awareness
Offline Files
Peer Name Resolution Protocol
----Peer Networking Grouping
Peer Networking Identity Manager
Program Compatibility Assistant Service
Protected Storage
RtVOsdService Installer
Sandboxie Service
Security Center
Shell Hardware Detection
SQL Server VSS Writer
Windows Font Cache Service
Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service
Windows Presentation Foundation Font Cache

(Note: The indented service names are dependent to the preceding ones in the list.)

I have been using my system for one or two months with those services
disabled without any problem. Today, I tried to print an MS Word
document into a PNG file. But I saw that no printers are listed. I
clicked on the "Add Printer..." button and got this error message:

[File in the directory]
The Active Directory Domain Services is currently unavailable.

The problem is definitely due to those disabled services. I'm not using this laptop very much and I didn't make any change on the system other than disabling the services. It looks like I
disabled a critical service among all those unnecessary ones. I really
don't want to re-enable all those services one-by-one and try restart
the system after each one. Can you please tell me absence of which service is
causing this problem?

Windows Version: 7 Ultimate x64 SP1
Office Version: Professional Plus 2013
PDFCreator Version: 1.7.3