Image looks blurry when printing to PDF from a PowerPoint sheet

 When I print a PowerPoint document with a logo (image), this logo in the PDF looks blurry. I tried a lot of things like changing the dpi and test with all color compression settings. Until now, no result. Can anybody help me?


Does the image only look blurry if you print it to PDF from Powerpoint, or also if you print it from a different application? What type of image is it?





 The same occurs when I copy the image from Powerpoint to Word (both 2003). The image has the PNG format. Using JPEG image gives much better result. I hope there is a solution because the logo is used a lot in our presentations.

Can you send us a file with that logo to test with?

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 Problem occurs only when using an old Office version: 2003. With 2010 it doesn't have any problem.