Images2PDF - Error in outgoing PDF file

I tried to convert 3-sides TIF image to PDF by your Images2PDF tool. But when I opened outgoing PDF, I saw 3 pages (this is OK), but each page was “clonned” 4 times in horizontal position. The same result is with command-line version.
Could you help me? Input TIF picture was done by Microsoft Office Document Imaging.
Thanks for your help.
Petr Filipi
The Czech Republic


do you get the same result with PDFCreator, or do you only have Images2PDF installed?



when I normally print my 3-sides tiff picture through Pdfcreator printer, outgoing file is OK.
But, as i said, I have still problem in separate applications, called Images2PDFConsole and Images2PDF normal win application.

Petr Filipi