Images2PDFC multi page tiff

 I am not sure if I am missing a command line argument but it appears that the console app Images2PDFC.exe cannot convert a multi page TIF to a PDF.

Has anyone else had any success with this?

Thanks in advance,


I just came across the same problem. I've tried a black/white multipage TIF from our fax software as well as a greyscale TIF and a color image, both created with a scanner using WIA (windows imaging aquisition).

When I drop one of those files in Images2PDF, it recognizes all pages, shows previews and makes a nice PDF out of it. But when I use Images2PDFC, I only get the first page. Here is the output of Images2PDFC:

Add images
Found image "3.tif"
Found 1 image(s) in 1 file(s).
Step 1 of 2: Build pdf
100%: Build pdf: Add image "3.tif"
Step 1 of 2: Finish
Step 2 of 2: Save pdf to file "test.pdf"
0%: Initialization
7%: Write header
15%: Write Catalog object (ID: 1)
23%: Write Pages object (ID: 2)
30%: Write Info object (ID: 3)
38%: Write Page object (ID: 4)
46%: Write Content stream object (ID: 5)
53%: Write Image object (ID: 6)
61%: Write Xref table
69%: Write trailer
76%: startxref
84%: EOF
100%: Ready
Step 2 of 2: Finish
Import files size: 6.838.440 bytes
Export file size: 298.479 bytes
Compress rate: 4,36%

The 4th line shows the problem: Somehow Images2PDFC doesn't recognize the following pages.

Hello Frank,

you gave a good hint: I was using, which is included in the recent PDFCreator package (version 1.2.3).

I just noticed that the stand-alone version of Images2PDF in the download section is much newer (, so I tried that one.

That version recognizes all pages without problems!

I suggest that the recent stable PDFCreator package should also contain the recent stable version of Images2PDF...


Thanks for your help,


Which version of Images2PDF use you?

Thanks for the response. We will release the next version of PDFCreator soon - of course with the latest version of Images2PDF.