Images2PDFC wildcard use, Filename instead of FileTitle for the output

Hi there;
I am looking to use the commandline version of Images2PDF and wondered whether there is a way of going with a wildcard for both the filename and the extension.
I need to convert different types of images, so having had to define the extension separately for each type is somehow inconvenient.
Additionally I would like enquire about the filenaming for the output - it looks like the program uses the Meta TITLE instead of the actual document / file name. If the Image Title is different to the Filename, the output PDF will pick the Metatitle regardless, which is annoying.
Is there a way this can be sorted via the command on the CLI to use the Filename ??
Could someone point me in the right direction of the syntax I could use to sort this out ??


is there any specific reason for doing this with Images2PDF instead of PDFCreator?
It sounds like it might be more comfortable to use the PDFCreator COM interface.

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Well, I thought that since this tool has been designed for processing images2pdf, this is what I shall use, rather than trying to adopt the ‘all in one’ of the PDF Creator. The more that it seems to have a simple CLI.

If however you can propose a solution using PDF Creator, that would do the trick like:
image2PDFC /i “C:\my_images*.*” /e “C:\my_pdf[InputFileName].pdf” where an input file would have the same name as PDF. maintaining original size etc., I am more than happy to accept :slight_smile: