Incomplete list in PDFFORGE

Hello to all,

I am a novice in PDF creator and installed it today. After importing PDFFORGE.TLB (or DLL) into Delphi2007 IDE as a COM an unit was created but it contains only classes:

IDllInfo = interface;
IDllInfoDisp = dispinterface;
IPDF = interface;
IPDFDisp = dispinterface;
IPDFLine = interface;
IPDFLineDisp = dispinterface;
IPDFText = interface;
IPDFTextDisp = dispinterface;
IPDFEncryptor = interface;
IPDFEncryptorDisp = dispinterface;
ITools = interface;
IToolsDisp = dispinterface;

and I am not able to achieve having objects described at your pages:

Could you tell what I am wrong in ?


Thakn you for any idea.

With regards Karel