Incomplete printing: lower portion of print area missing

PDFCreator is not including the entire print area of an Excel2003 worksheet.  The lower portion is missing.  Print area of the worksheet is a bit long and would require 25% reduction to get it all on one page even with small margins, ie, it has to be shrunk to 75% of the original size.  But the lower portion of the sheet does not get "printed" to the PDF file.  If I enlarge the print area on the bottom by including several blank lines, I can get all the information, but also a very large blank area at the bottom.  I uninstalled the previous version of PDFCreator and installed the latest version, but there was no change.  I was able to create a pdf with all the information and my margins by opening the file in Open Office and EXPORTING the worksheet as PDF.(not printing it).  I also tried PRINTING through PDFCreator from Open Office Calc and I get the complete sheet, so there appears to be some issue between PDFCreator and Excel2003.  Any suggestions??

Thanks.  jdd  20091228

Still remains in Excel 2007 - very annoying behaviour.