Incomplete printing of long web pages

PDFCreator often only prints the first page of a multi-page web page followed by what I assume is the web page's footer section.  The latest such page I've encountered is

With shrink to fit selected in print preview / page setup the content of the above page is truncated after the phrase "over the past twenty-five years."  If I set the scale factor to 50% in print preview / page setup (after unchecking 'shrink to fit'), the printed version of the above web page includes all the web page content (although it's, obviously, much smaller).

I have two questions: (1) is there some setting I could use to fix this problem to ensure I always get all pages printed so I don't have to review the print preview for every web page I print?  (2) And since I assume this is due to some bug in the page formatting code in PDFCreator, could it be fixed in a future version?  If so, should I log that request somewhere else?  If so, where?

I've just installed 0.9.9 and am using it with Firefox 3.6.  This has been a problem in earlier PDFCreator releases as well.  I have Printer Properties set for portrait format and the Advanced Settings for Letter size paper.

Thanks very much.

I have seen this bug before, but never got arond to checking it enough and making and reporting it.  It has been around since before the current .9.9 version.

I tested it on your page and am seeing the same thing.  I prints the first part skips some then the bottom.

Not very good as one may not always check to see if it all prints and then what do you do if you need it all.


thanks for posting this hopefully it is something they can fix.




I tested the web page link you mentioned using pdfcreator 1.1.0 on windows xp sp3.

This problem may be linked to the layout engine differences among trident, gecko, webkit and presto.

The print job by IE 8(layout engine is trident, on windows xp sp3) or Opera 11 final build 1156(layout engine is presto, on window xp sp3) is ok, all web page content is printed, no text truncated( scale factor to 50% or 100% in print preview / page setup).

However the web page rendered by Gecko(firefox 3.6.13) or webkit(Acrobat 9.4.1's HTML2PDF feature) leaded to some text truncated.

In my case I set scale factor to 50% in print preview/page setup in firefox 3.6.13, when printed to pdf using pdfcreator 1.1.0, the web page is truncated too.


Hope this helps.


Just checking if anyone's got an answer to this.  It's still a problem (see the superlawyers web page I originally reported for the behavior).  I'm now using PDFCreator 1.1.0 and Firefox 3.6.13

Thanks to asjones for verifying the problem immediately after I submitted the report.