Incorrect printing of °C


I see something that looks like a bug. Before reporting it officially, I would like to have some advice here.

The problem is about the printing of the characters "°C".

Step to reproduce:

1 - download and open this doc file:

2 - you will see that it display something like this:

MS WORD  display (correct)

3 - Print it with pdfCreator, then open the pdf file. The display is now like this:

This is not correct, the "°" and the "C" should not be collapsed.

Hope someone has a godd advice on this problem.

[edit] I do not understand why my images are not displayed in the final post??? I see them in edition mode!


this bug is known already and seems to be a GhostScript bug. We have created an item in their bugtracker and hope that it will be fixed soon.

Here is the GS bug item:

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PS: The image display is diabled due to security reasons.

A workaround would be to use Tahoma or Verdana for the Degree symbol

I have read some where that GhostScript bug problem has solve.

But I think if we use different font then it will work.

We thought it was fixed, but is seems to be there. Please notice this workaorund for the moment:

We hope to finally fix this in PDFCreator 1.2.1