Individuall settings per printer


Is it possible to have different "StandardSaveformat" for each printer?


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Just create a new profile, set desired settings, and finally assigne the new profile to the printer.

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Could you give me more details about the proceeding?

Where do I create a new profile? (Do I have to create a new windows user or a new printer within pdfcreator?)

And where do I have to set settings? (Via Windows setttings -> Printers or registry or even within pdfcreator?)

1) Open: Start Menù->Programs->PdfCreator->PdfCreator

2) Menù: Printer->Options

3) On the top of the window, click Add Profile Button

4) Name new profile like your preferences

5) Change any configuration and finally save

6) Return to menù: Printer->Printers

7) Add an new virtual printer and assign to it the new profile.


How do you assign that printer to the user??