Instalation on Win7 64bit

I tried install PDFCreator 2,1,2 and PDFCreator 2,1,1 on my Win7 64 bit.
Unfortunately during installation appear error:
Error during trial of change name of file in destination folder:
Error during execution MoveFile, code 5.
Access denied.
When I press “Try again” id doesn’t help.
When I press Ignore, Instalator goon but on the end:
Runtime Error (at 579:437)
Error during executing MoveFileEx; code 5
Access denied.

After installation there is no pdf printer.
I checked folder C:\Windows\system32\
and there is no file pdfcmon.dll
What should I do to install PDFCreator?

My SetupLog file you can download from


Please uninstall the existing version of PDFCreator and reboot your machine.
Check if the PDFCreator printer got deleted from the list of printers, if not delete it manually.

Go to Windows\system32 in your explorer and make sure hidden files are being shown. Look for the pdfcmon.dll, if it still exists, open a command line as with elevated rights (type cmd.exe into the startmenu searchbox, right click on it and select “run as admin”). 
Then type "net stop spooler"into the command line, this will stop the spooler and allow deleting the pdfcmon.dll. Afterwards start the spooler again by either typing “net start spooler” into the command prompt or rebooting your system. Afterwards the latest version of PDFCreator should be able to install correctly.

Please also check the permissions for your users temp folder, the user and system account need to have read and write access to it.

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