Install error for Version 1-5-0

I have just tried three times to install the new version, after getting a message that there was an update. The following message occurs:


An error occurred when trying to replace the existing file. DeleteFile failed; code 5. Access is denied.


The new version uninstalled the older version, which I had just gotten a week or so ago. Now I do not have anything!! Help! I run Windows 7 Premium (64 bit) in case that helps.

I have the same problem!

I runWXP SP3.

Extract of SetupLog.txt:

Printerdriver-Directory (Environment: Windows 4.0):
 Result: Success = C:\\WINDOWS\\System32\\spool\\DRIVERS\\WIN40

Printerdriver-Directory (Environment: Windows NT x86):
 Result: Success = C:\\WINDOWS\\System32\\spool\\DRIVERS\\W32X86

Install printerport:
 Portname : pdfcmon
 Result: Success

 Monitorname : pdfcmon
 Environment : Windows NT x86
 Result: Success

Install printerdriver for Win2kXP2k3 (32bit):
 Drivername : PDFCreator
 Environment : Windows NT x86
 Result: Error 5 = Acceso denegado

 Printername: PDFCreator
 Drivername : PDFCreator
 Portname   : pdfcmon
 Result: Error 1797 = No se conoce el controlador de impresora

No printer has been installed!

Printerstatus after installing:
Spooler service: is running
Printermonitors [4]:
 Standard TCP/IP Port
 Local Port
 Adobe PDF Port

Printerports [43]:
 IP_192.168.0.101 HP
 PDFCreator CESC
 Mis documentos\\*.pdf




it looks like the old printer driver was not successfully removed while uninstalling, please try rebooting your PC after uninstalling and run the setup afterwards, if you still get the same error you might have to type "net stop spooler" into the windows cmd before setup additionally.







the Windows CMD is a command prompt,

you can access it by simply typing cmd into the Windows search field.

It will find a program called cmd.exe, right click on it and run it as admin, then enter the commands mentioned above.






Robin, what is the windows cmd? Please help. I really need pdfcreator and now I can't install it. I also have windows7 x64. Thanks!

Fred225, were you able finally install 1.5.0?