Install fail onWin XP embedded


My installation on XP embedded fails.
There are no printer installed.

Here my SetupLog.txt (the interessting part):

 Monitorname : PDFCreator
 Environment : Windows NT x86
 Result: Success

Install printerport:
 Portname : PDFCreator:
 Result: Success

Install printerdriver for Win2kXP2k3 (32bit):
 Drivername : PDFCreator
 Environment : Windows NT x86
 Result: Error 126 = The specified module could not be found

 Printername: PDFCreator
 Drivername : PDFCreator
 Portname   : PDFCreator:
 Result: Error 1797 = The printer driver is unknown

Printerstatus after installing:
Spooler service: is running
Printermonitors [4]:
 Standard TCP/IP Port
 NetOp Remote Print Port Monitor NT
 Local Port

Printerports [10]:

I am alos tried to disable the "Disallow installation of printers using kernel-mode drivers" policy.

Thanks for you help!



Hi, ... replay by my self ;-)

The solution for me is: On the XP embedded there are some files missing for the successful printer installation needed.


This may help others...




Good detective work!

I just needed the first DLL though, which is a part of the "System Restore Core" component, but the installation goes through with just the DLL, in the (probable) case you don't want to get the whole bunch of System Restore.

And further more, the installation ist best done from FBA, unattended.

Something like that:

PDFCreator-0_9_5_setup.exe /SP /SILENT /NOCANCEL /NORESTART /LOADINF="PDFCreator.inf"

(where the inf file has beend created before hand)