Installation on a Terminal Server

Hi all,

during installation, when using Server install, it mentioned not to use application mode on Terminal Servers?

What is ment by that, exactly?

There is a application install mode and a application execute mode. Which one should be used now?




Hi Berthold,

at first. Please wait for version 1.3.1 which we will release very soon. There were some improvements for terminalserver necessary. I've tested the new version 1.3.1 on a terminalserver without any problems.

If you want install PDFCreator on a terminalserver do this:

1.) Download version 1.3.1 or later
2.) In a command box switch to the installation mode with "change user /install"
3.) Start the setup with the switch /Expert and choose "Standardinstallation"
4.) If the setup has finnished switch back to the application mode with "change user /execute"
5.) That's all. :-)

Best reagrds,