Installation pdfcreator - pdfarchitect


please include a check if an update of pdfcreator is installed and pdfarchitect 3 was already updated to version 3. Currently pdfcreator installs pdfarchitect 2 additionally.

- install pdfcreator 2.0.0-2.1.0
- update to pdfarchitect 3
- install pdfcreator 2.1.1

now pdfarchitect 2 and 3 is installed


thank you for the feedback. I will forward this to the developers, so they can have a look at it.

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are you sure this is what actually happened?
PDF Architect 3 is not installed as update, but parallel to PDF Architect 2.
If you installed PDF Architect 3 and don’t need PDF Architect 2 anymore, you need to remove it manually. This is a bit unusual but allows users to only update the parts of the application they desire; we will have another look at the this and perhaps find a more common approach.

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